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Event will include live performances, special guests, prizes and GIANT dumplings. And don't miss your chance to grab a photo with the one and only Dumpling MAMA.





Dan Chen, born in Shanghai and grew up in Cambridge, MA., is an Asian American actor, host and
producer. Dan strives to bring awareness to traditional Chinese culture through creative entertainment,
discussion, and food. He cofounded the popular YouTube entertainment channel Off The Great Wall and The Double Chen Show with Mike Chen in late 2012 and 2014 respectively. Dan and Mike officially left the Channel in 2016 after amassing nearly 500,000 subscribers and multiple viral video hits and began working on DCS full time. In 2016, the Double Chen duo created Double Chen News. Together with the duos entourage of friends, the "Double Chens" has been bringing inspiration, laughter and knowledge to the Asian American community and beyond.




Mike Chen was born in Xi’an, China and grew up all over the midwest in the U.S. He attended Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri and graduated with a degree in accounting. When he realized he couldn't even do his own taxes, Mike decided to switch fields and go into entertainment where he cofounded YouTube channel Off the Great Wall, first serving as producer and later as host. After leaving that show, Mike created the popular YouTube channels Beyond Science and Strictly Dumpling as well as a personal vlog channel. Mike teamed up with Dan Chen to create the Double Chen Show,
Double Chen News and Beyond Science 2.





Yut and the Hot Four

violin-centric music group